Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Aside from being a total vagenius, Stefano Cicconardi is one of the most mind blowingly creative people on this planet. He is the H.D.I.C. (head dick in charge) at KOOK Artgency ....just go to gooogle translate to make it into english.... These guys mean business.

You know how there are some marketing people and places out there who are like .... hummm.. should I wear the "Ck1" or the "Blue Water" today ??? smarr smarr smargity smarr smarr??? Well KOOK tells these pansies to go rub on some "aqua di toiletta" grab their manties and then throws them down into the ichiban soup line faster that you can say go go gadget poop shoot.

KOOK Artgency is a more unconventional communication agency that rules in guerrilla, viral, street, art and digital marketing. So they produce highly strategic effects by making their work, WORK for you. Basically they are masters of designs and develop graphic, editorial, audiovisual and visual art formats.

Based in Rome. Work all over. Check then out.

Now back to Stefano.

I was watching Candy -1968 the other night and it dawned on me that Ringo and Stef have quite the resemblance.

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