Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In  bed.
(Need to conserve all needed energy for tonight's event...)

Will have  detailed updates in the new year.

3:43 pm - over and out!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So, I have been traveling around quite a bit as of late. Living in Rome, birthday gifts to Paris and an extreme adventure in Lebanon. Hosting guests, completing final works and interviewing for the internship of my dreams.  Not being able to return home for christmas this year my good friend Firouz offered to host me over the holidays. 

I have now since reclined to the majestical phantasmagoric  lands of Brittany France in a small village, Kerarden, not far from the borders of  Vannes. Here is where I set the scenario for the current mission under toe.

Firouz (my trusty christmas 2008 comrade) has invited me to attend his best friends wedding which is planned to commence on the 28th of December in Paris. Giving us 1.37 days to get our christmas filled selves back to the big city and make some magic. 

You see my friends, this is where things get interesting. As we are following the strict -30% Credit Crunch Extravaganza tm  (please see for more info regarding the -30% Credit Crunch Extravaganza tm ) and we did not achieve in finding Merlin this afternoon (reference photos are displayed above) we have had to recourse and import        the -50% Christmas Crunch Extravaganza tm  into our execution criteria.

I suppose I should let you in on exactly what we are executing.  You see,  this is not some minimal mission we are on here. This is the REAL DEAL. We have recently received note that there may be some wedding intricacies linked to the natural course of action that need to be overseen and monitored, but in a discrete and  incognitos manner.  After much heated deliberation Firouz the noted #1 Best Man and myself had arrived at the cure-all solution...   ENTER "THE PERSIAN DJ".  Firouz him self would go undercover and disguise him self as "THE PERSIAN DJ" and I,  VLC would double as "THE 8th WIFE". 

Following the strict -50% Christmas Crunch Extravaganza tm regiment we will need to gather and produce sufficient disguises and render a pelvis rattling  mix for the post wedding fiesta that is to commence on December 31st 2008.  Thus, giving us until  dawn of the new year to secure and stabilize any possible mis- happenings.

This is our mission and we have all knowingly accepted its responsibilities. There is sure to be road bumps and possible train wrecks along the way, but the mission is ours and we will not be stopped  in our pursuit of the tag teaming of our named plans. 

Signing out,

VLC in Kerarden

10 - 4 good buddy!