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Saturday, January 3, 2009


2009 came in with a bang. A gang bang if you will. A gang bang of  thoughts and emotions and inspirations and confusions and hopes and fears and dreams and and and. 

Now as my 3 day tyrant of a hang over is wearing off and have a sturdy meal of steak and eggs and two diet cokes paired with a rolled cigarette in side of me, I can see through the haze and catch a glimpse of light. 

And its bright. 

Kind of blinding actually.

Its kind of so bright and blinding that I am unable to make total sense of the hole thing. Its almost as if I was just birthed swiftly and fully charged into the new year.  And it all came out yesterday evening and induced  by the chopping of onions I was able to have a good cry. 

The sort of cry that creeps up on you out of the blue. Not like the pesky PMS'y moody waa waa tears. The true tears of release. And with a good friend by my side I ate a hearty warrior meal and talked about strategy and composed a plan for my next battle.

To all my friends whom I dearly miss;
Thank you for being a part of my army. 

All my love this evening from Paris.



Playground said...

soundtrack : Tears For fears or/ and
Spandau Ballet

srq said...

So much love Vanessa. so much damn love for you.